Hallandale Beach Ultrasounds

A medical ultrasound/sonogram is an imaging technique used to visualize muscles, tendons and many internal organs.  In doing so, radiologists are able to determine if the structure’s size is normal or abnormal.  Ultrasound scans are performed by medical health care professionals called sonographers.  The procedure is painless and inexpensive when compared to MRI or CT machines. Also, it is described as being the “safest” diagnostic test, because it does not use ionizing radiation. Our staff includes a well trained and certified ultrasound technician/sonographer and contracted radiologist to interpret the results. Our office routinely performs:

  • Cardiac ECHO’s
  • Carotid US
  • Vascular studies
  • Abdominal US
  • Genital/Pelvic US

Our turn around rate for results is 24-48 hours. Hollywood Ultrasounds and Aventura Ultrasounds also available.

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