About Us

About Hallandale Medical Center, Hallandale Beach Florida

Hallandale Medical Center is a JCAHO accredited and patient-centered medical home that is leading the way in providing innovative, best in class healthcare to our patients in the Hallandale Beach and surrounding areas. We have been practicing in the same location since 1979 and offer primary care, geriatric, and behavioral health services to patients 18 years and older with a specialty in primary and coordinated care for our senior population. Hallandale Medical Center’s staff are looked at as thought leaders within the healthcare community.

Our staff is key to our success. Hallandale Medical Center employs physicians and supporting staff that understands and support our “family” culture. Our business model is patient-centric with an emphasis on exceptional medical care, strong provider/patient relationships, and high physician and staff to patient ratios, which allows us to dedicate the time needed to each-and-every patient and their family.

Our unique approach to medicine yields low patient hospitalizations, high patient retention, and a high provider and staff retention. Our staff and practice have been recognized for our outstanding service by organizations across South Florida.

Other medical providers can claim they are the best, but the proof is in the pudding. Just check our Google reviews and you will understand why Hallandale Medical Center remains the best medical practice in our area.

Every day we work hard to give the best medical care and services to our patients.

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